Curating cool stuff so you don’t have to.

Maybe you’re a weekend warrior. Maybe you’re a full-time nomad, looking for adventure around every corner.

No matter what your lifestyle, you expect the best from the products and brands you use, and we don’t blame you.

That’s why we started Lifeblob: because there’s a whole lot of stuff out there, so you need someone to cut the s#!t and get to the core of what matters: finding quality goods that meet the demands of your life. Finding brands that are aligned with your own core values.

At Lifeblob, we have the same struggles, and we’ve spent countless hours looking online, researching, comparing and selecting products that we love to live with.

We figured that we’ve spent so much time doing it – so much time figuring out what’s good and what’s not – that we wanted to help others do the same. Instead of spending hours searching for your ideal product, spend just a few minutes comparing the top products out there and ignoring the rest.

Because time is your biggest asset, we don’t want you to waste it. We didn’t want to waste ours either, so we only focus on the products that we like. We’re a group of friends with a whole lot of different interests, skills and hobbies, and we hope to make your online research process easier.

If we have, great. If not, we’re always working to make our content more valuable to our readers. You can get in touch with us here if you have questions, feedback or anything else you want to discuss.

In the meantime, we’ll be adding reviews and comparisons on our favorite products, and making it crystal clear which products get our attention and which ones are built on hype and marketing spin.

We’ll take on everything from outdoor goods to music equipment, from grilling and foodie supplies to the best in today’s electronics, apps and other technology.

Looking for stuff online isn’t always fun. And it isn’t always easy. Above all else, we want to clear a path for you to find the cool stuff you want to life your lifestyle, whatever it is.

At Lifeblob, we’re here to cut through the s#!t and bring the best of the best straight to you.

So spend less time finding the stuff you need
and more time enjoying it, with Lifeblob.

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